Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hot New Features

I’m not a big fan of blackberry. Neither do I fancy any flip-phone. But Blackberry Torch 9800 really lights up the fire in me.  Now, add up DG Smart Plan to the Blackberry Torch 9800. I wonder, can you stand the inferno of awesomeness..

Let’s talk about this “flamethrower berry”, with its sleek designs, rockin’ touch screen and nicely sculpted QWERTY keypad. I’m sure all of us are craving to get our hand on it. Even the Human Torch..

Now I’m thinking, if I have the Digi Blackberry Torch 9800 with me, I’ll definitely reserve the throne of hottest lad in my place. 

Capturing tons of pics with the coolest 5.0 MP camera. Seriously, I mean the coolest in town.. What more do you expect? The camera comes with too-good-to-be-true-functions such as geo-tagging, image stabilization, face-detection, continuous auto-focus and built in flash. Then upload them straight away to my facebook again and again without worrying about the charges.. well, of course.. the DG Plan gives you unlimited internet usage. 

Equipped with Blackberry OS 6, this phone has been enhanced to meet all of our techy-thirsty needs. There’s multi-touch and there’s even pinch-zooming function that makes day to day usage less hassle and running smoothly.  Menus are neatly positioned and customizable.

Posting and updating my blog while surfing the internet can be done on the move.. well, in a much lighter way. The browser is now enhanced with pinch-zooming and multiple tab function, while the trackpad-controlled mouse can come into play when extreme accuracy is required. Information is really at the end of your fingertips now.

Next, the battery. Well.. this is my major problem. My old phone’s battery drains like how Sungai Pahang flows. But by using Blackberry Torch 9800, my problem solved. Its battery can last up to 432 hours of stand-by or up to 5 hours and 40 minutes of talk-time. Isn’t that a nifty improvement? Now I can call all my cliques without worrying about the thirsty-horse-battery anymore.

I guess, these are some of the features of Blackberry Torch 9800 that will make me stand out and hotter from the others. Plus, by using DG Smart Plan, I will stand out more and instead of being left out, I can look back and smile to those that I’ve left behind. Digi will always be my smarter choice.


eswandyasre said...

hah!just drop by to ur blog!apa yang impress aku adalah latar KR Kiva pada blog kamu!Henshin !
manipulasi tendangan maut

Cazari said...

thanks eswandy

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